A place to unwind.


Bintana Sa Paraiso sits perched on a lovely hill at the foot of magnificent Mt. Hibok-Hibok.  What adds to this beautiful property and makes it unique is the secluded hot spring nearby, that flows gently into the pristine waters of the Bohol Sea.  Better get ready- this hidden gem gives you the full 90 degree view!  

Oh, and did we mention the infinity pool?  

Kate R, owner and curator of the property, wanted to provide a simple and untouched escape. A perfect retreat for you to enjoy nature and spend quality time with your loved ones - in an electronic free ecosystem.

Our charming villa with the 'forever view' is the ideal location for stargazing and romance.  Our lush private landscape with the stunning panorama will truly make this your "Window to Paradise" (In Bisayan: Bintana SaParaiso).

Enjoy your key to Paradise!

Camiguin Island Philippines is home to many amazing attractions including the white island, sunken cemetery, Mt. hibok-hibok and so much more. The most amazing people and food you can eat in all of the Philippines including the famous Lanzones. Nestled by the water and hot spring is a beautiful resort in Camiguin called Bintana Sa Paraiso.