8 Must Try Things in Camiguin Island Philippines

Things to do in Camiguin

The resources of Camiguin are really vast. It is surrounded by the Bohol Sea, just off the northern coastline of Mindanao. The Philippines has many provinces, and Camiguin happens to be the 2nd tiniest. It is a beautiful, tranquil island that has actually been a substantial province in the Philippines for quite a time. Lots of people see it because of the beautiful panoramas, friendly people and also the natural sites around the island. It has one of the highest concentrations of volcanoes per SQ Kilometer in the world. So, let me share the best points or the things you can do while on this island.

1. Stay in a good hotel or resort

There’s a lot of great options out there for Camiguin hotels and resorts to choose, however Bintana sa Paraiso has been rewriting what it means to be picturesque with our newest resort in Binunsaran. Our original Bintana Sa Paraiso was inspired after visiting Santorini. Now our inspiration comes from Bali. Bintana Sa Paraiso Binunsaran sits perched on a lovely hill at the foot of magnificent Mt. Hibok-Hibok. This hidden gem gives you the thrill of a full 90-degree view and the ability to capture the white island! We wanted to provide a simple and untouched escape away from the main city of Mambajao yet it is only 20-30 minute drive. Making it an amazing retreat to get away and enjoy nature. You still have your amenities with a full service restaurant with worldly inspired cuisine and wifi/cell reception. The best retreat for you to enjoy the beautiful nature and spend quality time with your family, loved ones and friends in Camiguin Island.

2. See the Giant Clam Sanctuary Camiguin Island

At this area, individuals come to check out all of the different types of clams in different shapes, sizes, as well as colors. All proceeds from the site visitors go in the direction of the maintenance of the clams as well as their conservation as some of the clams are threatened varieties. This place is rather a catch to visitors due to the fact that it is not daily that you see large clams, is it? And also, the sanctuary also maintains clams that produce pearls. Seems like a fun day for the whole family!

3. Adhere To the Old Volcano Path in Camiguin Island

The Old Volcano Trail is an 8-kilometer (5-mile) path and also a pilgrimage site - there are fourteen life-sized statuaries that you will certainly pass, as you walk. The fourteen terminals are stunning, and also their rareness will certainly blow you away - there is not another like this in Camiguin, or anywhere else. By the time you get to the top of the mountain, you will have reached the last station. Now you can see why Camiguin Island is named the “Island born of fire.”

4. Take pleasure in the landscapes at the Old Catarman Church Ruins

The church was built in the 16th century, yet a century later it was brought to wreck because of the eruption of Mt. Vulcan. This church was among the few structures that stayed standing, leaving behind an abundance of history still seen today. Near the church there is a smaller sized chapel where people still go to pray as well as hold mass, so you must most definitely go check this site out. See some of Camiguin Island’s history normally you see in Europe or other much older cities.

5. Chase the springs - Ardent Hot Springs as well as Sto Nino Cold Springs

There are many natural springs in Camiguin island that you will not know which one to start with. Initially, there is the warmer hot spring Ardent Hot Springs which is a lovely spot to choose friends and family and appreciate a wonderful swim. Then there are chilly springs like the Sto Nino Cold Springs. The waters are clear, and also for a freshwater lake, it is extremely uncommon to have such clear water.

Believe it or not with swimming safety glasses you can see from one end of the springtime to another! katibawasan falls is located at the Sto Nino Cold Springs and is one of the most popular attractions. It is a very high beautiful water fall that makes for an amazing picture. Another hot spring is located very close to Bintana Sa Paraiso by the ocean is a natural warm spring from the runoff of the volcano. This is a popular spot to go swimming. Along with the Make sure to tell your tour guide you want to visit the springs.\

6. Take a trip to the Sunken Burial ground

You may wonder why this is called the Sunken Burial ground. This place is an important memorial spot. As we already recognize, Camiguin Island is a location filled with history as well as the background of this site is no exemption. After Mt. Vulcan appeared, the remains of a few of the citizens were brushed up underwater, therefore the name. The location where the remains currently lay is marked by a big cross, in the center of the water. If you intend to learn a little bit more about Camiguin Island background then travel to the Sunken Cemetery. A must see so let your tour guide know so they can bring you.

7. Delight in the sunlight on Camiguin's White Island

The White Island of Camiguin is located regarding four as well as a fifty percent kilometers (2.8 miles) off Camiguin Island. This beach is purely sand and it is pure white - the scene is entirely captivating. In order to get there you can employ a tiny watercraft to and fro on the main land. Envision what a lovely place this would be to have a photoshoot! This site might possibly qualify as the closest one can get to paradise. A mid-day on the white island is the perfect dose of therapy your feet as well as heart requirements.

8. Go hiking on Mt. Hibok Hibok

Mt. Hibok is an active volcano on the island of Camiguin. The highest point is 1332 meters or 4370 feet. What a difficulty this should be to climb but it is actually a popular trekking destination typically taking 3 to 5 hours to trek. The beginning point is the Ardent Hot Springs in Mambajao and you will find many places to stop and take pictures. Several of these include the warm springs, White Island, the fourteen statues. This hill is the oldest volcano on the island and was created in 1871. This journey is something to think about if you have an additional day or more in Camiguin.

Come to Camiguin!

I believe if every one of these options makes you feel unclear about what to do - Don’t hesitate to ask us and we can recommend places to go or a tour to guide you.

Camiguin is excellent for springtime break or summer vacations when you wish to pause from your work, school or other obligations. It's an excellent place to unwind as well as relax. In addition to that, you’ll learn so much from the local community who is excited to teach you about the island history. While you are here make sure to try out the food including the famous Pastel which got its start from camiguin Island.

Hope to see you soon!