7 Extraordinary Things to Do in Camiguin

There’s no doubt that Camiguin island is a hidden, unexplored paradise in the Philippines. It’s a home for countless natural tourist destinations like the hot springs, cold spring, enormous falls, white beaches, and the surrounding volcanoes. Every adventurer will never run out of things to do in Camiguin.

Prepare your itinerary now because here are the things you can do in Camiguin!


#1 Snorkeling over the Giant Clams

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to swim over 2,600 Giant Clams with different vibrant colors, various shapes, and sizes? It definitely deserves to be on your bucket list. Tick this one off as you land in Guinsuliban, Camiguin.

#2 Experience the First Ever Kawa Bath in Mindanao

Immense yourself into the peacefulness and calmness of the island as you take your vacation into a whole new level. Because you can now experience Kawa Bath in Mindanao, one of the most Instagram-worthy activities here in Camiguin.

Kawa is the Philippine version of cauldron. And tourists can enjoy dipping into a huge kawa filled with water, scents, and flower petals. The twist here is that while tourists are dipping, there will be an actual flame underneath the kawa to keep the water warm.

#3 Hike and Camp at Mt. Hibok Hibok

For adventurers who seek moutain climbing, Camiguin has Mt. Hibok Hibok for you. The hiking starts at Ardent Hot Springs in Mambajao, and it will take you about 5 hours to complete the trail. Mt. Hibok Hibok is 1,250 meters above sea level (MASL).

From the mountain, you can see the White Beach and the hot springs.

#4 Try the Hanging Nest

One of the most popular accomodations in Camiguin Island is called Bintana sa Paraiso, and it never runs out of new activities. Currently, they offer the newest attraction, the Hanging Nest along with the Angel Wall.

#5 Try Hot/Cold Spring

If you find it hard to decide whether hot or cold spring, Camiguin is perfect for you because it has both! It has Ardent Hot Spring with 40 degrees Celsius, and Sto. Nino Cold Spring which has a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Definitely a must-try when you visit Camiguin!

#6 Snorkeling Over the Sunken Cemetery

Are you up for an extraordinary swimming experience? Then why not snorkel over a cemetery that sunk during a volcanic eruption decades ago?

Yes, you will see real tombs partially covered in moss. And the Sunken Cemetery isn’t just a man-made attraction, the tragedy happened for real.

#7 Free Diving in Burias Shoals

With rich and undisturbed marine life, Camiguin boasts of its diving spots. And Burias Shoals is one of the best spots where you can encounter variety of corals, marine species, and different types of fish

The underwater experience is surreal. So, if you want to learn about free diving, you better try it here in Camiguin.

This article is definitely an understatement of how fascinating and enchanting the whole island is.

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